VelaLabs is a world -wide acting, GMP-certified and GCLP-compliant contract laboratory that offers in-depth analytical characterization services for proteins including biopharmaceuticals, biosimilars, biologics and Peptides.

Combining a focused, customer - orientated approach, a highly motivated team and a broad expertise in analytical development and quality control, VelaLabs is dedicated to support customer's needs from research activities to clinical phases up to product commercialization and market release.


In March 2018, the leadership of VelaLabs in the field of lectin microarray analysis was honored with a review article published in the journal Medical Research Archives.
In January 2018, MSc. MA Jennifer Mayrhofer was appointed as CPO for VelaLabs.
During 2017, VelaLabs invested 1,000,000 € into its instrumental park and can now also offer structural characterization and determination of extractables and leachables.
In March 2017, VelaLabs in one of the sponsors of the Special Olympics in Austria.
In February 2017, acquisition of VelaLabs by the Tentamus group was finally closed.
In December 2016, a new publication of VelaLabs about an application of lectin microarrays was published in the journal Microarrays.
In December 2016, DI (FH) Markus Roucka was appointed as COO for VelaLabs.